Back to Eden


Between kids, work, school, and church it often feels as if there is no time for marriage.


Over time, we find ourselves spending the majority of our time in different worlds. Instead of  investing in our significant other, we emotionally drift apart. Our marriage was empty.


This was our story, until broken, we were desperate for change.


Yet we ached in our hearts for the marriage God designed as an intimate relationship to express His love for us (EPH 5:29). Both of us came from broken homes. Only when we were ready to relearn what marriage is, did we experience a dramatic breakthrough which left us EMPTY no more.


With our eyes set on Christ and not only our hurts, we were able to forgive each other, giving our marriage a fresh start. Our hurt and pain was replaced with joy. The emotional walls built over many years, were torn down.  We still are learning what the other person needs emotionally and spiritually.  Being able to overflow into your spouse and and seeing them flourish is one of the greatest blessing of marriage.


As one couple who has experienced healing and renewal, it is our desire to share our journey and help others experience a revival in their marriage.


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